Hiatus and Apologies

Dear Friends, Readers, Observers,

Whichever you may be..

Why Race Matters: Examining ‘Terrorism’ Through Race in International Relations

Thank you for your support. I appreciate that you have been following this blog and keeping up with my efforts to situate myself in IR.

I have been absent – due to deadlines, teaching, and just my general state of being ’emotionally fluid’.

I have been writing and publishing elsewhere as you can see on E-IR today here or my Media Diversified essay which was recently published in Portugese .

But I do have my own writing for this blog I need to catch up on.  I am particularly excited to blog a piece on my interview with historian Dr. Kathleen Paul, author of Whitewashing Britain... as soon  as I have time to breathe, decompress, and think clearly.

But for now, is it not crazy how political life can change so fast over such a short period of time?

I talk about this in a recent interview  I did with my friend Farah Ahmed, an amazing person and host of ‘Racialized’ the podcast. We talk about how we felt in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and how things have both changed and not changed so much.

The full interview can be heard here:

Just the other day someone reached out and touched my hair, without my consent, because it was ‘fascinating’, in the same way elderly women used to circle  me at the shopping mall, because I was such a cute little ‘coloured’ girl.

I am now 25, looking at people who still comment on my body and take photos of me, again without consent, when I walk around, fully clothed ( though this should not matter) on the board walk. I still feel like the eight year old I commemorate and feel for in my interview.

The personal is just as political as it was in 2001….  this is exhausting but it is also meaningful . But it is wonderful to have people like you follow my work as I try to make sense of things.

Please stay tuned and look out for an in-coming meaningful blog soon.


Thank you.


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